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Holidays to Cuba - Best Time to Travel

Some clients have a favorite time in a year when they want to travel. Some others do not really have a choice in terms of free time they can take in a year. This article is intended for those who can be quite flexible with the time they can take their holidays and need an advice on when the best time of the year is to spend their holidays in Cuba.


Every time I get someone on the phone asking me when the best time to go to Cuba is, I think to my self, what a lucky client. The reason I think this way is because there are so many good deals available for top of the range hotels to take advantage of, especially when you can be flexible with the time to take for your holidays.


If you can afford the luxury of deciding when you want to go to Cuba then I would recommend the months of May and June. This months fall within the so called low season in Cuba and Hoteliers and Airlines always have special offers available for passengers traveling in this period. I am taking about a huge drop in price compared to high season. Weather wise it does not make much of a difference from; let us say July and August which fall within the high season period. As you can see is definitely not the weather who defines the tourist season and Cuba is an endless summer anyway. Yes you will have the rainy season starting in May and finishing in November but rain is something that everybody welcomes in such a hot country like Cuba. When it rains it does it for a couple of hours and then the sun will be shining again and the clouds in the sky will vanish.


The months of September and October are also included in the low season period and prices are as good as in May and June. There is something you should consider though. The hurricane season in Cuba starts in July and last until early November and its peak is reached in September and October.


Try to avoid November, it is extremely busy and although the prices are high it is not the main thing you should worry about. November is when Cuba decides to do a number of international events like Feria Internacional de La Habana (an international trade fair) and MaraHabana (an international half marathon). It gets so busy that you could end up being moved from the hotel originally booked for you to another hotel because the government decided at the very last minute to accommodate on it the participants of the above mentioned events.


If money is not an issue then you should consider the months of March and April and try to avoid Easter. These months fall within the high season period but the reason why I am recommending this months is because of the weather. Classified as dry season this time of the year has the nicest temperatures. You will be looking at an average 25 Celsius degrees and humidity reach its lowest at about 69%.


If you decide to ignore my advices and go on July, August, November, December or Easter period please remember to book well in advance as this months are the busiest in terms of tourist arrivals and hotels in Cuba and seats in the planes will sell out very quickly.


I wish you the best holidays in Cuba and the best deal you can get and hope you have found this article a useful resource for your research.



Source: www.isnare.com