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How to Get Cheap Air Fare for Your Vacation to Europe

A visit to the "Old World" is something many people dream about. Not everyone gets to live that dream but for many a European vacation can become a reality. There is a lot of plans that have to be made but being patient and thorough will pay off in the long run. After all the accommodations and sight seeing tours have been planned the next step is finding a cheap air fare to get you there.


If you have a travel agent you use often this can be a good place to start the search for savings on your airline tickets. Travel agents have the inside information on all sorts of travel discounts and when the best time to travel is if you want to save money. What you are really looking for is a discount package that airlines offer from time to time. Travel agents are your best bet for finding these packages and if you can get one that coincides with your travel dates it is a good idea to go ahead and make the reservation because chances are you will not find a better deal.


Another way to hunt down cheap air fare to Europe if you are not using a travel agent is to contact the airlines themselves. By checking with several airlines you can compare prices for the dates you wish to travel. One thing that can help save money is being flexible with your travel dates because most airlines offer discounts for traveling during certain times of the month and even at certain times. When you do find a good price make that reservation because airlines are notorious for changing their prices the next day.


If you're lucky enough to have frequent flier miles either through the airline or with a rewards credit card then you can use these to get large discounts or even free plane tickets. You may also be able to accumulate additional miles during your trip depending on the terms of service of the airlines. If nothing else you can cash in what miles you do have and save several hundred dollars on your European trip.


Cheap air fare to Europe can be found but it may take some time and patience on your part. But if saving money on your plane ticket is an important part of your travel plans then a little time and patience is well worth the effort.



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