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Travel Nursing Jobs in Alaska

Travel nursing is one of the fastest growing segments of the nursing industry apart from being a major source of employment in the state of Alaska. Travel nursing, a concept, has gained significant popularity throughout this area, because of the overall shortage of registered nurses in these parts of the country and the overall stagnancy of the salary structures for nurses. Travel nurses are usually registered by various specialized nursing agencies, which send them on contracts to their clients. The nursing agency usually supplies the travel nurses with housing and travel expenses and takes care of the licensing, benefits and payroll services while the hospitals, nursing homes or suitable clients fills the position temporarily and the nurse gets paid above market wages to work and live in a new region.


Most contracts are of shorter duration unlike permanently employed nurses. Moreover, the contracts vary from agency to agency and also the clients for who travel nurses are being sent. Typical assignment for a travel nurse may range anything between 8 weeks and 26 weeks. These short term assignments may be renewed in many cases and may sometimes extend for longer periods as agreed.


Very often travel nursing agencies make arrangements for travel nursing jobs so that a travel nurse can be permanently positioned in a hospital or nursing home if both the client and the agency agree upon this. However, mostly these vacancies are temporary and anyone desiring to serve as a travel nurse should be mentally prepared to work in this type of agreement. In fact, the very name ‘travel nurse’ signifies a nurse who has to extensively travel to clients’ facility to offer her expertise, and this is the benefit of being a travel nurse…you do get an opportunity to see places and also get paid while visiting the wonderful country.



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