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Super Bowl Saturday?

I hope everyone watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, how does Super Bowl Saturday sound? That’s right I said it, what about having the Super Bowl on Saturday? Just think you don’t have to worry about getting up for work the next day. You can relax on Sunday and reflect on how great the game was, or how great the commercials where.


I know some people will be going crazy, saying Lucky its tradition, you have to play the Super Bowl on Sunday. The game starts at 6:30pm eastern time, with the extended halftime show the game finishes at around 10:15pm. Forget about young children enjoying the game there’s school the next day. Shouldn’t the NFL be targeting our younger generation?


Listen, everyone I talked to loves the idea of playing the game on Saturday, I want everyone to do there own survey. Ask your friends and your family would they enjoy Super Bowl Saturday, I guarantee the majority of people you ask will love the idea. All the so called experts are going to say, the networks and the NFL are going to lose a ton of money. Nonsense I bet there going to make money on the deal, they will have a bigger audience. There’s only one way to find out if people would enjoy the game on a Saturday, play the game on Saturday, Try it next year and see what happens, If the ratings go down go back to Sunday. I have a feeling the NFL will be happy with the results. Get back to me on my blog, after you talk to people about SUPER BOWL SATUDAY, Good Luck! And I hope to see you at the tables or on the field of play.


Source: www.isnare.com