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Super Bowl Ring - Who Gets It?

With the Super Bowl come the Super Bowl rings. However, what are they and how can you get one?


Super Bowls rings are given as awards to all the members of the winning team in the championship game of the league, which is the Super Bowl. They are awarded to them in commemoration of their victory. These valuable rings are usually made with white or yellow studded with diamonds. They would have the Super Bowl number, the team name and the team logo engraved on each ring.


The rings could also have bigger diamonds, as well as diamonds that have been designed to form a trophy. It represents how many Super Bowls the particular franchise has won. For instance, the 2005 Super Bowl ring of Pittsburgh has five trophies, which would represent the five championship games, or Super Bowls, that they have won.


A lot of people may not know that the NFL actually spends almost ,000 for each ring, and usually gives almost 150 rings for each team. And the policy was if the cost of the rings goes over the limit of ,000, then the team owner would be the one paying for the difference. A lot of the more recent rings have been appraised to have a value of over ,000 but most manufacturers do not directly give this information.


The Super Bowl rings are usually made by the chosen company of the winning team. A lot of the Super Bowl rings are manufactured by a company named Josten's located in Denton. Texas.



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