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How to Get Tickets

You might be wondering how to go about getting tickets to “The Greatest Show on Earth.” Now that Mike Tice is out of a job in Minnesota the ex ticket hawker might be looking to sell his again. But the bottom line is, tickets are available if you are willing to spend the money.


Numerous ticket brokers have a good number of Super Bowl tickets available to purchase, with most of them starting at over 00 for the worst seats in the house. If you’re looking for some place extravagant to throw your Super Bowl party, try the luxury suite on the 40 yard line for nearly a quarter of a million dollars. It does hold 40 people and comes fully catered, if that makes it worth it to you.


There is a little known method of attaining Super Bowl tickets that isn’t full proof but is worth a shot to get the tickets at face value. Every year preceding the Super Bowl from February 1st to June 1st, you can write a letter to the NFL requesting Super Bowl tickets. Your name will be put in a hat and a random drawing will ensue. If you are selected you will have the opportunity to buy 2 tickets.


There is a slight misconception that you should act on getting Super Bowl tickets as much time in advance as possible. This is almost impossible to accomplish. The truth is, in the past, sometimes Super Bowl tickets haven’t even been released until a week before the game and if you are looking to go through a ticket broker, many of them won’t promise Super Bowl ticket availability until the very day of the game and you will be expected to pay the current market value.


Going through a ticket broker is your best bet on getting Super Bowl tickets, but make sure that the broker you are associating with is credible (a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers) as there are a few Super Bowl ticket scams out there. One such scam was for purchasing a Super Bowl tour package at a discount price. It included airline tickets, hotel accommodations, everything except Super Bowl tickets.



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