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Auto Travel Tips With Children

Auto Travel Tips With Children


Traveling with children can be tough at times, but should be safe and fun. Concerns may arise while traveling, whether it be due to health, weather, or just simply keeping it fun for children. The important thing to remember is follow laws, keep children safe, and have fun!

The most important safety concern when traveling with children, is the use of a car seat. Refer to your childs car seat manual for questions concerning that particular car seat.


General Car Seat Guidelines


- infant car seats should be rear facing until 12 months or 20 pounds


- children up to 40 pounds should be placed in a foward facing car seat


- children over 40 pounds should use a booster seat, using a regular seat belt


- children over 80 pounds or 4 foot 9 inches should be seated in a regular seat using regular seat belt


- children under the age of 12 should be placed in the back seat for their safety


- check with local police/fire department for proper installment of car seat, if unsure


- check buckles when traveling in warmer weather; children can be burned by the hot buckle


- when traveling by plane, boat, train, or bus, refer to company guidelines on the use of car seats.


Health concerns are a huge factor when traveling with children, especially when traveling with children who have motion sickness, and/or have allergies. There are many ways to help relieve the worries of these concerns.


Motion Sickness


- over-the-counter and prescription medications are available


- avoid reading


- when traveling by boat, seat children in the middle and have them focus on a fixed object(nothing that moves)


- when traveling by plane, the use of ear plugs may help, as well as seating children in the center of the plane


- avoid looking out the window




- bring all necessary medications


- pack your childs own pillow/pillowcase


Weather also plays a key role when traveling. Use your judgement, and listen to local news on upcoming weather concerns. Don't risk taking children out in extreme weather conditions. If you must travel in these conditons, take extra precautions to keep children safe.




-  keep children out of direct sun and cold weather for long periods of time


- sun shades are available for your vehicle windows to help keep the sun off of children




- have children drink plenty of fluids


- keeps extra fluids on hand and/or nearby


When traveling, on short or long trips, you should always keep a first aid/emergency bag handy. Depending on the age of the child(ren), health conditions, and weather conditions, the items in the bag will vary.


First Aid/Emergency Bag


- bandages

- thermometer


- antibiotic ointment


- antihistamine


- cold/flu/fever reducer medication


- motion sickness medication


- sunscreen


- extra diapers/wipes


- extra set of clothes


- with colder weather include extra hat, gloves, blanket


- bottle(bottle of water for older children)


- small snack


- medical cards/records


- identification for child in case he/she gets lost


Many children dislike traveling, especially on long trips. There are many ways to keep children occupied. Keep it simple and be creative, and children will have fun traveling.


Activities While Traveling


Younger Children


- music CD's


- books


- small toys


- movies(portable DVD player)


- coloring books/crayons


Older Children


- ipod


- CD's


- books


- drawing tablet/pencil


- "I Spy" game


- license plate states game (see how many different states you can find on license plates, writing them down)


When traveling with children, always keep in mind, traveling can be easy, safe, and fun. Keep a checklist with you and everything should run smoothly. Take a deep breathe and enjoy your travels with your child(ren)!


Written By Jennel D. For TravelOffer.info